in Animation & Films
Break barriers, empower team,
Produce Better Animation, Faster
Whether it's animation collecting and mocap data processing, or previs and fast crowds deployment, plus format convertor and engine interface. Animcraft provides a full set of 3D toolkits and libraries. It's built for higher efficiency, smoother production and enjoyable teamwork for animation and film industry.

Time Saving

Speed up the production of previs, repeated motions, and simple crowd generating

UE4 Animation

UE4 Pluging and retargeting tools for optimizing your real time animation pipeline

Barrier Eliminating

Mocap data fast importing to Maya, Human IK integration, fast deploy to any characters
Animcraft Animations are cross-platform and cross-character by definition — your assets will integrate seamlessly in every popular game engine and DCC applications out there, including 3DS Max, Maya, UE4 and Unity
Arbitrary converting rig and format among FBX, Maya and Max.
Direct animate controller based characters in Maya, stable, fast and happy
Direct collect data from mocap, assets store or previous projects.
More advanced retargeting for UE4 real time animation