Turn animations into long-term assets and fast deploy them into variety projects
Animcraft comes with smart character and motion library, character retargeting tool for importing and exporting, 3D features and real-time viewport, comprehensive formats reader, writer and converter
Collect Animation
Export animation from everywhere
Collect your animation data arbitrarily from multiple software and any biped characters, no matter what their rigs, skeleton or figures, one-click create and upload assets with 3d preview. Currently supports Maya, 3DS Max, FBX, BVH, Mixamo.
Use Animation
Send animation to every rig
One-click to import animation data from Animcraft to your bipedal character in various software and platforms, no matter what type of rigs, skeleton or figures. Supports arbitrary Maya rigs, 3ds Max Biped/CS/Bones, Skeletal Mesh (FBX), UE4, Unity and Human IK at the moment.
Comprehensive Motion Transfer Tools
Animcraft has a full set of sophisticated retargeting toolsets, from independent versions to plugins, build for mapping variety types of biped and quadruped characters and rigs, Template feature allows us to reuse the mapping data once mapping a type of character. Now it supports Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal, Unity, Human IK
3D Viewport and GIF Renderer
Inspect your characters and animations in PBR-enabled 3D viewport with animation playback and timeline control. Besides, render GIF cover for your asset in real-time without opening any other DCC applications
Support popular DCC software and follow industrial standards. Seamless integration to your current pipeline.
Upgrade your workflow, Today
Resource Management Kit
All mapped character and animation can be arbitrarily merged together, we can export the merged skeletal mesh to FBX or send them into DCC applications. Also, we can do some little fix on these animated characters and fix animation flaws before exporting.
Rig Tools
Convert and generate variety rigs
Any Skeletal Mesh Characters like FBX/BVH or Maya Rigged Characters can be converted to 3DS Max Biped Characters. Or it can generate Maya Advanced Skeleton or Human IK rig from Skeletal Mesh FBX or 3DS Max Bones characters. All conversion keeps skin weights and animation.