Turn animations into long-term assets and fast deploy them into variety projects
Animcraft comes with smart character and motion library, character retargeting tool for importing and exporting, 3D features and real-time viewport, comprehensive formats reader, writer and converter
Animation Collection
Export animation from everywhere
Fast collect and store your general animation resources from any biped characters, no matter what their rigs, skeletal structures, figures, software, with 3d preview. Currently supports Maya, 3DS Max, FBX, BVH, Mixamo, MMD.
Animation Utilization
Send animation to every rig
One-click to transfer animation data from Animcraft to your bipedal character in various DCC software and engines, no matter what type of rigs, skeletal structures or figures. Supports arbitrary Maya rigs, 3ds Max Biped/CAT/Bones, Skeletal Mesh (FBX), UE4, Unity and Human IK. Blender, Cinema4D.
Comprehensive Motion Transfer Tools
Animcraft has a full set of sophisticated retargeting tools, from standalone to plugins, it's able to map variety types of biped and quadruped characters, and transfer animation precisely among them, Template feature allows us to reuse the mapping data. It now supports Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal, Unity, Human IK, Blender, Cinema4D.
3D Inspector, Manger & Renderer
Inspect your characters and animations resources in PBR-enabled 3D viewport with 3D playback and timeline control. Besides, render GIF cover for your asset in real-time without open it in any other DCC applications
Support popular DCC software and follow industrial standards. Seamless integration to your current pipeline.
Character and Animation Editing
Scene editor and keyframe animation editor
Inspect skeleton structure, bone attributes and scene elements in scene editor. With BridgeIK system, build rig from an mapped character automatically, edit animation of it with keyframe, timeline, story list and animation layers. FBX importer and exporter work with the animation result.
Various DCC Software Integration
Full bunch importer, exporter and retargeting tools
There are full bunch of bridge plug-ins and retarget tools in 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema4D and Human IK. Easy to integrate animcraft into your favorite software pipeline, store and use your resources freely.
Flexible Rig Tools
Out of box rig convertors
Any Skeletal Mesh Characters like FBX/BVH or Maya Rigged Characters can be converted to 3DS Max Biped Characters. Or it can generate Maya Advanced Skeleton or Human IK rig from Skeletal Mesh FBX or 3DS Max Bones characters. All conversion keeps skin weights and animation.
Game Engine Supports
Unity and Unreal Engine Integration
With turnkey toolset, any animation in Animcraft library can be directly sent to the characters in game engine as the animation assets, regardless its skeletal structure. Also, characters in the library can be exported as FBX and send to the engine. It now supports Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D.
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Efficent Animation
Animation merging and concatnating
All mapped character and animation can be arbitrarily merged together, while animations can be concatnated like story list, you can use this to fast create animation and save or export result to DCC software and game engines.
Physical Simulation (Beta)
PhysX based dynamic bone chain tools
The new PhysX based dynamic simulation system enables users to calculate the physical movement of character accessories. Now its features include rigid body simulation, dynamic joints and collision objects.
Fully Handle FBX
Mocap Helper
Any motion-captured skeletal animation (FBX/BVH) can be inspected in the 3D scene and retargeted with build-in mapping tools, then you can edit it with scene and animation editor and use it to any character in other DCC software and game engines.
Resource Management
Character and animation resource management
Intuitive character and animation assets management include preview, sharing, tag, and search features. Deploy assets into future projects in a fast and collaborative manner. And use assets to inspire or train new staff, build the value of your team in the long term.
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MMD Support
Plenty of beautiful character and dancing animation
The integration of MMD format allow users to drag and drop any PMD and PMX characters and animations into the 3D viewport and import them into the library. (3rd-party plugin is required, see document)
Reference Library
Extend to videos, images and multimedia library
Users can now import any videos and images (include GIF) into the new multimedia library, for quick referencing and sharing them within a team.
Real-time Pose Library
Support fingers and body poses
The Animcraft brings a real-time and intuitive body and finger pose library. You can quickly back and forth input and output the pose data between character and library with retarget integration.
Productivity Tools
Variety of Format and batch toolkit
It is crucial to extract assets accurately and efficiently from your massive data to the library. We dedicated provide plenty of batch tools for this importing and exporting job, from 3D format readers to background batch tools, task managers, plugins and scripts.
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